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Paths so you're able to Adulthood and you can Matrimony: Teenagers’ Attitudes, Traditional, and you can Relationship Habits. ASPE Search Short term

Routes to Adulthood and Matrimony: Teenagers' Perceptions, Standards, and you will Relationships Models. ASPE Lookup Brief

Adolescence is a crucial returning to real and you will psychological development and is going to be a crucial several months on the formation of details from the closeness and you will relationships. Within this browse short term, we have fun with guidance from five national investigation establishes to examine points that may influence dating and you may relationships models into the changeover from adolescence to help you adulthood. I document teens' event, items, and you can attitudes in the romantic dating and you will ine just how dating models out-of teenagers vary because of the its affairs, experiences, and you may criterion while the teenagers.

Wedding models in america have changed considerably in the recent age.

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