MLB Asset Management

MLB Asset Management serves a diverse segment of clients by offering professional hedge fund management and portfolio advisory services. We aim to achieve sound performance on investments for our clients according to their specific risk profile.


With in-depth knowledge on quantitative financial modeling, the firm’s investment approach comprises hedge fund strategies in multi-asset investments with global markets exposure. These strategies provide flexibility to generate reasonable returns under any market conditions.


Being one of the few management teams to have a positive performance during the 2008 financial crisis, our portfolio management team has been recognized as among the top-performing managers in the industry. All key team members started their trading career in top-tier investment banks, and have worked in related fields for an average of over 15 years.


As true believers of absolute return, we extensively apply statistical analysis, automated trading algorithms, and low-latency data-transmission infrastructure to maximize clients’ return with minimized volatility.


SFC Licensed Corporation No. BGD820

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